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May 29

Podcast with Ben Larcombe


Ben Larcombe and I connected a while ago even before the infamous Expert in the Year Challenge Video came out. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, watch it now. Since then, Ben created an incredible medium for table tennis players to acquire additional information. Tips, technique, suggestions, experiences, lessons, you can …

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Oct 11

Testing Ross Leidy’s Masterpiece!


Its nice to have friends! Especially the ones you never have met in person but merely conversing on the forum. But, you do get acquainted in a most special way and develop a bond and before you know it, good things happen. In my case, I was contacted by Fatt, a member from MyTableTennis.net forum …

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Aug 07

Anatomy of a Table Tennis Blade

There was a poll on myTableTennis.net (http://mytabletennis.net/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=52243&PN=1#645392), where players were asking about what type of a blade thickness do most players use. This inspired me to write up my knowledge on the blades. I don’t quite experiment with equipment and basically wrote up what I know about the blades. Please feel free to correct me …

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Mar 28

Table Tennis Book Libraries

When I decided to write a book, I spent some time researching what kind of books actually exists for table tennis. Obviously I found quite a few on various table tennis web sites. Amazon provided another list, however the list of books was quite small. Books that were published in the years before the internet …

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Feb 23

One Month’s Reflection

“Breaking 2000″ has been out for exactly a month today. I wanted to say thank you for all of the support and all of the feedback. This month was quite difficult and involved as I was trying to get the information about he book out, as I continued to work on my website, and as …

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