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Oct 03

The Next Step is here in Paperback!

Hello, everyone. Good news! The paperback is here!!! The paperback can now be ordered directly through the printing company, which means that most players from US & Canada can order it now. For international orders, I would suggest to wait until the book comes out to Amazon, since Amazon can ship the book from its …

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Sep 21

The Next Step Available on Amazon!

Just got an email from Amazon that the electronic version of the book has been published. Those of you who prefer a paperback, it will likely following in a few weeks.     Thanks again to everyone who has helped me make it happen!

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Sep 17

Unveiling my new book – “The Next Step”


Time has finally arrived for me to make a public announcement. I would like to introduce my new book, which I titled “The Next Step”. What is this book about, well, this time around this book is not about me at all. Its not breaking anything. I have side tracked in the “breaking” department quite …

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Sep 12

Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers

Larry Hodges published his book “Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers” a few months ago and while I knew about it existence, I only now have found the time to read it. I wanted to wait to read it because my new book (which is planned to come out in a month or so) also has …

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Mar 28

Table Tennis Book Libraries

When I decided to write a book, I spent some time researching what kind of books actually exists for table tennis. Obviously I found quite a few on various table tennis web sites. Amazon provided another list, however the list of books was quite small. Books that were published in the years before the internet …

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