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May 29

Podcast with Ben Larcombe


Ben Larcombe and I connected a while ago even before the infamous Expert in the Year Challenge Video came out. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, watch it now. Since then, Ben created an incredible medium for table tennis players to acquire additional information. Tips, technique, suggestions, experiences, lessons, you can …

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Oct 03

The Next Step is here in Paperback!

Hello, everyone. Good news! The paperback is here!!! The paperback can now be ordered directly through the printing company, which means that most players from US & Canada can order it now. For international orders, I would suggest to wait until the book comes out to Amazon, since Amazon can ship the book from its …

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Jun 16

New Book Coming Soon

I have not been posting for quite a while, but there is a reason for this. All this time, or actually for about 10 months now, I have been working on my next book. This upcoming book is a very ambitious effort in an attempt to cover many aspects of table tennis – technique, tactics, …

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