Rating Calculator

I’ve decided to finally create a Rating Calculator where players can estimate their new ratings. It is not super accurate as the USATT Rating is calculated by a proprietary algorithm. However, from the information previously shared about the mathematical formulas used in rating calculations, I was able to put together this small program.

Just some of the features of the Rating Calculator you may enjoy are:

  • Add as many match results as possible
  • View the calculation details ( if you find any errors, please reach out to me, so I can correct them )
  • Save the link for your reference and be able to always go back and display your prior calculations. Click the Save Link button and use the generated link to get your calculation loaded back without manual entry.


If you have any ideas on further improvement of this calculator, feel free to share. I will certainly entertain the idea of making it better with new features.

*****For those who want to embed the calculator into another web site, it is only allowed with specific permission. 



**Thanks to James MX for finding and reporting a small bug in the code around the ratings. I’ve updated the calculator to fix it. 3/7/2013.

**Save Calculation Link was broken – its now fixed 10/4/2013.

Permanent link to this article: http://www.breaking2000.com/rating-calculator/