May 29

Podcast with Ben Larcombe

UntitledBen Larcombe and I connected a while ago even before the infamous Expert in the Year Challenge Video came out. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, watch it now.

Since then, Ben created an incredible medium for table tennis players to acquire additional information. Tips, technique, suggestions, experiences, lessons, you can find it all at www.experttabletennis.com.

Recently, Ben has been expanding his website and began to offer awesome Podcasts. He has been interviewing many top players, so it was a big surprise when Ben reached out to invite me to participate in a Podcast and share more about myself, my experience, and my books.

Well, I took him up on that offer and here is a chance to listen to a great conversation to learn more about the game, my experience, and the story behind my books.

Ben, Thanks again for the invitation!

To all the players, enjoy! Listen to the Podcast at a link below!


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