Feb 06

Long Time…

Where did he go?

Yes, it has been a long time since I have been posting on this blog. This is by no means the end of my involvement in table tennis, but I now play very infrequently. I am still making plans to have an excellent showing for the PA State in April, but unfortunately the plans are very lax. My time is now more than ever being devoted to my growing daughter and my professional career.

On a positive note, I am continuing coaching. Although not the prior students I have had, but my very own 2 year old girl. She’s got a little paddle and many ping pong balls that she likes to chase around. Time will tell if she decides some day to hold it firmly in her hand.

My reflections

This past year, I had a pleasure of being, now practically every time, beaten by two youngsters that a little less than two years ago have begun training with Gerald. Just like my game, their game advanced. Shay Sinha and Prasiddha Parthsarthy both have crossed over the 2000 mark for the very first time. I am extremely proud of them and their accomplishments. I am also similarly proud of my coach, Gerald Reid.

Great job and hard work that paid off. To all around me, this is yet another indication that the effort is not enough, a proper coaching is the key.

The Next Step ( for me )

So what is the next step for me, you think? I’ll say it simple. I think I’ve looped around the finish line a few times. Now, I am going back to basics. This is the key to next step. God willing, I’ll reappear at PA States.




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