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I highly recommend this book to all of the beginners and developing players. I feel that every beginner in table tennis and every table tennis player that is struggling to improve through the intermediate levels of table tennis should read this book at least twice.

Coach Gerald Reid

I really love this book! Many great nuggets of solid info are to be found within the pages.
Sean O’Neill
Two-time member, U.S. Olympic Team

This book is a first-hand step-by-step look at the strategic development of a player from near beginner to an advanced level. Instructional books generally teach how to do each technique; this book shows the actual events taking place as the techniques were learned, how they were learned, and most important, why.

Larry Hodges
USATT Hall of Famer and National Coach

Because this book is now available to the many at a similar starting place to where his story begins, those desiring a similar effort have a wonderfully useful set of information of much value, information that assuredly will be beneficial in many ways.

Donn Olsen
The PATT Institute

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