May 29

Podcast with Ben Larcombe

UntitledBen Larcombe and I connected a while ago even before the infamous Expert in the Year Challenge Video came out. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, watch it now.

Since then, Ben created an incredible medium for table tennis players to acquire additional information. Tips, technique, suggestions, experiences, lessons, you can find it all at

Recently, Ben has been expanding his website and began to offer awesome Podcasts. He has been interviewing many top players, so it was a big surprise when Ben reached out to invite me to participate in a Podcast and share more about myself, my experience, and my books.

Well, I took him up on that offer and here is a chance to listen to a great conversation to learn more about the game, my experience, and the story behind my books.

Ben, Thanks again for the invitation!

To all the players, enjoy! Listen to the Podcast at a link below!

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Sep 19

Meet the Newgy Family

That’s right. I would like to introduce you to the Newgy Family. But, I am not talking about the Newgy models – the 540, 1040, 2040, or the newer 1050 and 2050 models.

Actually, I am not talking about the table tennis robot at all. I am talking about the actual, genuine Newgy Family! The family that is responsible for the design and production of these fantastic table tennis robots since the early 70s. A family that has continually contributed to the growth of table tennis in the United States.

I connected with Joey Newgarden one day and after a casual conversation was invited in to fly down to Nashville, Tennessee to meet the Newgy team, to see the facilities, and to get acquainted. Getting a chance to play table tennis at the Newgy Club was a frosting on a cupcake for an already exciting and promising trip.

Below in the picture, you will see the main group of the Newgy Family I had the pleasure to spend time with during my visit. From left to right, Joey Newgarden, a Chief Operating Officer, the man ensuring completion of the Newgy Robot concepts and ideas. Then, next to me is the very own Newgy Founder – Joseph E. Newgarden Jr. In his mid 80s, Joseph Newgarden still runs the company, which is incredible. He is extremely passionate about table tennis. His biggest frustration is the recent knee pain that keeps him away from the game. Next in the picture is Josie Newgarden, Joey Newgarden’s daughter and Joseph Newgarden’s granddaughter, who is overseeing the Marketing department. (Yes, Newgarden’s really love first names that start with “J”). Next on the picture is someone you often find on the table tennis scene, US and International Table Tennis Umpire and a Coach – Roger Dickson. I also had a pleasure of meeting and spending some time with several more Newgy members, who are unfortunately are not on a picture, Todd Shoulders, Larry Thoman, and Cody Crook.


Newgy team is split among two facilities, with one serving as the FREE full-time club and a global operations center (Newgy is sold all over the world) and the second being a warehouse and a maintenance facility. The most neatest thing I got to see what a Newgy Bus that I can only compare with a Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.

So, what can I tell you about Newgy. For me, the most interesting part was to meet one of the most prominent American Table Tennis family. Though Newgardens are not known for their Olympic table tennis prowess, they surely are Olympians when it comes to the skill of building and reinforcing table tennis for an amateur and an improving player. The Newgy concept is based on developing a technology that walks a player from mere beginner to amateur, and then to a striving competitive player. When applied appropriately in training, which is what I can attest to, it can do great things.

Below on the picture, is a showcase that is prominently displayed in the entry hall of Newgy Headquarters. The orange robot is the very 1972 model designed and developed by Joseph Newgarden in response to the Stiga Robot first produced in Europe. Since that day, the company has grown and changed the lives on many players in this country. Some, with the fantastic device, others through sponsorships and various other programs aimed to grow the quality of the sport in the United States.


I did get a chance to also play at the club, but since I don’t pick up the paddle much lately, that is probably not much to be proud of. Yes, I pulled another one of those deuce in the fifth serves off the side of the table to lose a match which left me quite frustrated. Perhaps some time soon, I get a chance to go back to training.

In the meantime, I would like to thank the wonderful Newgy Family for their welcome, hospitality, and for their relentless drive to contribute to our favorite sport.

Oh and by the way, if you didn’t get a chance to check out the Newgy home page, please do so now. There is a great special running, which actually includes my book as a part of the bundle! Take advantage of it if you get a chance!

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Feb 06

Long Time…

Where did he go?

Yes, it has been a long time since I have been posting on this blog. This is by no means the end of my involvement in table tennis, but I now play very infrequently. I am still making plans to have an excellent showing for the PA State in April, but unfortunately the plans are very lax. My time is now more than ever being devoted to my growing daughter and my professional career.

On a positive note, I am continuing coaching. Although not the prior students I have had, but my very own 2 year old girl. She’s got a little paddle and many ping pong balls that she likes to chase around. Time will tell if she decides some day to hold it firmly in her hand.

My reflections

This past year, I had a pleasure of being, now practically every time, beaten by two youngsters that a little less than two years ago have begun training with Gerald. Just like my game, their game advanced. Shay Sinha and Prasiddha Parthsarthy both have crossed over the 2000 mark for the very first time. I am extremely proud of them and their accomplishments. I am also similarly proud of my coach, Gerald Reid.

Great job and hard work that paid off. To all around me, this is yet another indication that the effort is not enough, a proper coaching is the key.

The Next Step ( for me )

So what is the next step for me, you think? I’ll say it simple. I think I’ve looped around the finish line a few times. Now, I am going back to basics. This is the key to next step. God willing, I’ll reappear at PA States.




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Oct 03

The Next Step is here in Paperback!

Hello, everyone. Good news!

The paperback is here!!!

The paperback can now be ordered directly through the printing company, which means that most players from US & Canada can order it now. For international orders, I would suggest to wait until the book comes out to Amazon, since Amazon can ship the book from its warehouses that are closer. This would be both cheaper and faster.

I also would like to offer a 20% off discount code that will be active until this Sunday.

The code is “QUPQYFZB”.

You can buy the book here.

Thank you all again!


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Sep 27

Book Publishing Updates of “The Next Step”

I wanted to update the followers of this blog on the state of the book. First, good news. Every single effort has now been completed in order for the book to come out in print. I again took a pass through the proof of the original, messed around with the fonts, made some grammar and punctuation corrections, and edited some of the diagrams which came out oddly in print.

All that said, the book entered its final review phase and if everything goes well (I am not expecting any issues), the paperback will be out sometime next week.

I will post the update once I know for sure when the paperback is out. In the meantime, you can get an electronic book copy, which has also been updated with the latest changes.

I am very excited and hope to hear the feedback from my readers soon.

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